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Material FAQ's

What is Gold Vermeil? 
Recycled 925 sterling silver with a layer of 18ct. yellow gold plate. Because sterling silver is a pure metal it protects the skin. All our gold vermeil pieces have 3 microns of 18ct yellow gold for long lasting durability. 

Can I shower in my Gold plated jewellery?

To ensure longevity, we advise to keep out of water for prolonged periods of time, including swimming & showering. 

Can I get my piece gold plated if it tarnishes? 

Guaranteed for 1 Year: If your jewellery needs refreshing / re-plating within one year we can do this with no extra charge. 

What is the difference between 9ct & 18ct Gold? 
The price, the colour & the purity of gold.

What is cold cure enamel? 
Cold enamel is a thick, solvent-free material mixed with resin. The process of cold cure enamelling brings colour, strength and durability to each piece.

Where should I store my Kitty Joyas?
You need to look after your jewellery to keep it in perfect condition. We advise to keep all your pieces in a safe and dry place when it's not being worn.