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Joyas Cycle ♲

A repurposing service created to breathe new life into old jewellery


As we continue to explore ways to create jewellery more responsibly, we are delighted to launch Joyas Cycle as an extension of our recycling efforts.

From unworn jewellery laying around, to the special, but perhaps dated pieces you've inherited, Joyas Cycle is here to help reimagine your jewellery into designs you'll never want to take off.  

We know that jewellery is personal, which is why the 3 part service has been thoughtfully created to ensure you are truly involved in every stage:

FREE Consultation

Customers are invited to share the jewellery they’d like to restore. Collaboratively, we will discuss design ideas, material options and their budget. This is when we are able to understand the personal story and style behind the jewellery and its owner – an important step before the design takes place.


Kitty and her team will sketch some design ideas, and these will then be shared with the customer. Time is given for tweaks and changes, to make sure the customer is happy.


The final stage is where the design is brought to life. Exclusively using recycled silver and gold, as well as a supply-chain completely local to the UK, Kitty and her team apply their traditional techniques to create a completely reimagined piece of jewellery with the Kitty Joyas touch.

“Every single project we have worked on is completely unique and tells its own story – that’s what makes the process so magical for us and the customer”

Prices will range from £200 - £2000 depending on the materials and design requests from the customer.

Code of Conduct: Responsibly Produced Jewellery

Kitty Joyas only works with recycled metal from the UK, provided by suppliers that have certification of their product’s traceability. Instead of using large factories around the world to produce the jewellery, Kitty Joyas cast, polish and engrave each piece via family-run businesses just a 20 minute cycle away from the studio, creating a local supply chain. Supporting British trade, and building meaningful relationships with our suppliers is at the heart of the brand.