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Kitty Joyas creates bold statement jewellery with a simplistic aesthetic, designed and handcrafted in the UK.

All pieces are hand finished in our London based studio and combine recycled metals with traditional techniques creating environmentally- conscious collections made by the hands of our small in-house team.

By putting our own spin on classic techniques, we aim to create timeless jewellery that compliments every age and stage in your life.

"You can always tell when it’s Kitty Joyas." Katie Jennings

Meet Kitty

Kitty, a London based designer-maker started her jewellery journey at seven years old, selling shell bracelets she made out of a box along the beaches in Wales. Many years later she founded Kitty Joyas whilst living in Barcelona, updating the old school glasses chains accessory. Following the ‘Beady Eyes’ product line success she went on to study part-time at a jewellery school in the heart of the city.

Due to the Catalan language barrier, she learnt how to make her first pair of gold hoops entirely through sight. The freedom of working with these artisans set Kitty up to be able to develop her own style, without the influence and constraints of more traditional methods used back home.

Following a post-masters degree in rural Henley, Kitty saw her brand go from strength to strength soon becoming a distinctive name in the fine fashion jewellery world.

Our Values & Sustainable Ethos

We create beautiful handmade jewellery in small production runs to minimise wastage. Within an industry where sustainable methods aren’t 100% practiced throughout, we are doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. 

“I learnt to be a lot freer with tools than artisans would have been historically; less meticulous with measurements and I allow the metals to form more naturally”

Every piece of jewellery conveys Kitty’s story and her unique style.

Our considered process is mirrored from the creative stage to you accepting your order. All pieces are finished by hand using recycled metals, a few tools are used to create our collections and all packaging is eco-friendly.

We minimise our carbon footprint by supporting the local trade in a walkable distance (Hatton Garden). We only work with UK suppliers who can provide certification on their ethics, values and practice.

All collections are cast through the lost wax casting method which is one of the oldest known metal forming techniques and any waste material produced is kept to be melted down and recycled.

Our vision is clear and we are continuously improving the way we operate. As we grow, we strive towards further efforts - always happy to hear your feedback!