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Daisy Drops


This item is made to order, please allow two weeks for your piece to be complete.

Embodying the essence of Kitty Joyas design, the Daisy Drops are the ultimate cascading floral earrings. Whilst being inspired by the dawning of the spring/summer season in England, they are intended to be worn all year round, offering a 'forever summer' feel to add to your jewellery box. With an organic, textured finish, the floral motifs are hand forged from recycled sterling silver with yellow gold plated centres, and sandwich a hand picked freshwater pearl. Blending both artisanal craftsmanship with responsible materials, the earrings are packed full of character and will immediately draw attention. Each pair is handmade in our South London studio before being cast locally in Hatton Garden. They are then hand wired, textured and polished up by Kitty and the team. 

Material: Recycled sterling silver with 3 microns of 18ct yellow gold plated centres & 9ct yellow gold ear pins for extra strength, with a freshwater pearl option.

Dimensions: Pearl earrings: 5cm from top to bottom, top flower (13mm wide), bottom flower (18mm)
Triplet Daisy: 4.5cm from top to bottom, top flower (13mm wide), middle flower (16mm wide), bottom flower (18mm wide)

What is Sterling Silver? 
Sterling silver 925 is a pure metal that protects the skin. We use recycled metals.

What is 14ct Yellow Gold? 

14ct yellow gold is composed of 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy (silver & copper). It has a beautiful yellow hue and has a perfect balance of durability, affordability and appearance.

What is Gold Vermeil? 
Sterling silver with a layer of 18ct. yellow gold plate. For long lasting durability our gold vermeil pieces have 3 microns of plating.
What is Fairmined Gold? 
We are a Fairmined licensed brand meaning we get access to gold to be proud of, where positive social and environmental impact becomes part of the story behind the gold.
Fairmined gives you the assurance that the gold was mined by certified small-scale mining organisations embracing responsible organisational practices. Buying Fairmined gold means supporting the development of these mining organisations and transforming their realities.

Can I bathe in my jewellery?
To ensure longevity, we advise to keep your pieces out of water, including swimming, showering & physical exercise. 
Can I get my piece replated? 
If your jewellery needs refreshing / re-plating within one year we can do this with no extra charge.
Can I get my piece refreshed if it tarnishes over time?
What is the difference between 9ct & 18ct Gold? 
The price, the colour & the purity of gold.

What is cold cure enamel? 
Cold enamelling is a solvent-free material mixed with resin to bring colour, strength, and durability. Slight variations in colour and traces of the artisanal process are part of the art of hand-painted enamel work, making each piece unique. We advise that you remove your jewellery before bathing or swimming, as salt water and humidity can degrade the enamel.

Where should I store my Kitty Joyas?
You need to look after your jewellery to keep it in perfect condition. We advise to keep all your pieces in a safe and dry place when it's not being worn.