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World Earth Day 2022

Posted by Kitty Fuller on

Here at Kitty Joyas we are passionate about creating responsibly. Our jewellery is handcrafted in London using recycled metals and we are proud of the high quality, local supply chain that we have carefully curated. This World Earth day, we are excited to share our recent conversation with founder of Stories Behind Things, Jemma Finch. Our belief is that it is conversations, collaborations and sharing of ideas that will help accelerate us to a healthier planet. We hope this conversation inspires you in the same way it did us…

 1) Firstly, tell us a bit about Stories Behind Things, and your mission for the platform? 

I'm Jemma Finch, CEO and Founder of Stories Behind Things - we are a multimedia platform, exploring climate, consumption and sustainability. Inspiring their engaged community to get excited about the future of our planet through online content, e-commerce store and a whole host of offline events such as their yearly concept store and headline clothes switching series "The Big Clothes Switch. Described by Eco Age as "one of the leading Instagram voices in the space" we pride ourselves on leading with positivity in a bid to make the climate movement engaging and desirable. 

2) World Earth Day feels like a particularly poignant time to reflect on the state of the industries we each operate in. Reflecting on the last 12 months, what would you say were some wins for the fashion & jewellery industries that gave a sense of hope for the future?  

I'd say throughout the past 12 months I've seen a significant shift in mindset towards customers dialogue with brands and holding them to account. It's really encouraging to see the flow of communication open up between brands and their community, it's a significant part of shifting the conversation forward and increasing the level of transparency in the industry. Specifically within the jewellery industry I've seen an exciting shift to lower impact materials to create collections - from recycled materials to lab grown diamonds there's really exciting elements for the customer to engage in. Earth month is a great time to be using your voice as a force for good, this can be done in a multitude of ways, however a good place to start is getting in touch with a brand you love, and ask them some questions about their sustainability goals!

3) As news on the climate crisis continues to unfold, what tips do you have for people who suffer with climate anxiety?  

Absolutely. I found it shocking to read a study from 2019 that found that people who are emotionally closer to the climate crisis – following the news, anticipating the next natural disaster – and consider it an immediate threat are more likely to experience anger, fear, sadness and guilt. Conversely, those with greater psychological distance are generally more hopeful about the future. My top 3 tips for climate anxiety would be:

  1. Understanding the problem: Instead of letting your fixation on global warming run away with you, read constructive books on climate change that offer solutions, rather than feed into your hopelessness. We recommend All We Can Save, edited by Ayana Eliza Johnson @ayanaeliza.

  2. Join a support group / activism community: Good Grief Network brings together people suffering with climate grief to “process their heavy emotions, so that these feelings may be transformed into meaningful action.” Alternatively, getting involved with activism groups like The Climate Coalition @theclimatecoalitionmay alleviate your sense of guilt 

  3. Understand the power of community: Tackling the climate crisis is a shared responsibility. No one person is going to change the future of our planet – even Greta Thunberg needs our support to make a difference. Evaluate what you can do, and go easy on yourself and strive for progress over perfection.

4) Here at Kitty Joyas, we exclusively use recycled metals, and last month launched a restoration service to breathe life into old jewellery. In your view, what role do you think a circular and regenerative approach has to play in reducing fashion & jewellery environmental impact?  

I absolutely love that Kitty Joyas have started using recycled materials. It's an exciting step into using lower impact materials that does not compromise on style or aesthetic. I believe shifting towards circular and regenerative approaches are the future of the jewelry industry. Kitty Joyas is inspiring other aspiring brands to do the same, which is good news for the wider jewellery industry.  

5) Finally, it wouldn't be a Kitty Joyas interview without delving into your jewellery box. What is your most treasured piece of jewellery and why?

I have a ring that was my great granny's which I wear everyday - it's a plain gold thin classic piece. It's something that I never take off and brings me joy every single day!

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